Renthal Fat Bar RC High Black

Renthal Fat Bar RC High Black
Renthal Fat Bar RC High Black

by Renthal

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Renthals highest riser bar as used by most long distance riders and racers (baja, dakar etc). Gives a very comfortable riding position (standing or sitting) and is Renthals usual super high quality tough handlebar.


Renthal bars come in many different sizes and shapes to suit different applications. We have chosen to sell a limited range of bars in a bid to reduce the enormous confusion that can result from looking at over 40 (!) different handlebar styles.

For larger type adventure bikes we recommend the Renthal 'Fat Bar RC High'. Used by most Dakar and Baja competitors to enhance comfort and saftey on their race machines, we have also found that this bar is a great addition.

Made from 7010 T6 aluminium these bars are superbly strong, reduce weight over standard OEM equipment and help reduce fatigue caused by poor riding positions during long days in the saddle or on the pegs.


(If your bike has non-tapered 7/8th inch diameter bars as standard you can use the Wirtz adapter in 'Related Products' to fit the Fatbar)

Technical Info

Fatbar Handlebars - Features

The Renthal Fatbar has the following features...

  • 1 1/8” (28.6mm) large diameter clamping area

  • Tapered wall construction to 7/8” (22.2mm) allows fitment of standard grips and controls

  • Braceless design

  • 7010 T6 Aluminium. Renthal has exclusive rights to this specifically developed
    alloy, for the manufacture of handlebars.

  • Shot peened surface finish to help prevent fatigue failure

  • Knurled grip area increases bonding between bars and grips

  • No Kurling in clamping area  as this could cause a stress riser and lead
    to fatigue failure

  • Anodising – a 15 step anodising process forms an integral coating giving
    protection against corrosion

  • Laser etched positioning grid

  • Available in a variety of bends and colours to offer a custom fit on the bike


Fatbar Handlebars - Support

Renthal Fatbars are 1" 1/8 in diameter in the centre section and should only be used with 1" 1/8 clamps.

It is important if you are installing the handlebars yourself to have the factory service manual specific to your model. This will guide you through the steps and give you all the necessary torque specs and correct cable routing.

If you are not confident in your mechanical ability, please have your handlebars installed by a professional.

It is very important when fitting the handlebars that any sharp edges are removed from the handlebar mounts where they come in contact with the handlebar. Failure to remove these sharp edges could lead to a fatigue failure.

To make sure that the handlebar is aligned centrally use the laser marked positioning grid for centre and rotational location. The positioning grid also allows you to replace the handlebars in exactly the same position should you need to remove the handlebar from the bike for any reason.

In the event of any crash, it is a wise precaution to make sure that the handlebars have not been damaged. Check also that none of the controls have come loose and that the handlebar has not moved in the triple top clamps.

In the event of a severe crash the handlebar must be replaced. This is because in a crash the handlebar is the most stressed component on the motorcycle.

Do not attempt to straighten the handlebar

Do not modify the handlebars.

Do not centre punch or in any way mark the handlebar. Physical marking of the handlebar can lead to stress raisers.

Do not clean the handlebar with any form of metal polish or concentrated cleaning fluids.

The use of these products could damage the anodised finish of the handlebars.


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