GoldenTyre GT216 Front Tyres Enduro/MX

GoldenTyre GT216 Front Tyres Enduro/MX 90/90-21 90/100-21
GoldenTyre GT216 Front Tyres Enduro/MX
GoldenTyre GT216 Front Tyres Enduro/MX

by GoldenTyre

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GoldenTyre GT216 Front Tyres - FIM spec enduro tyres


FIM approved enduro/MX front tyre. Created and designed especially for enduro racing, V shaped knobs layout give optimum corner precision. The lightweight, flexible carcass with reinforced shoulder guarantees a large contact surface and good shock-absorption.

These tyres have dominated the extreme enduro world for the last 3 seasons and have become essential equipment for anyone wanting to compete at the top level. Don't think these tyres are a one trick pony though, they are super durable tyres for traditional enduro, MX, trail riding and hardcore dual sport use as they're ALL ROAD LEGAL

The newly introduced 90/100-21 tyre offers further improved grip on tricky terrain and is recommended to be used with the same sized mousse

The 90/90-21 is the same rolling diameter as the 80/100-21 but has larger section width and sidewall reinforcement for use on rocky/hardpack terrain. Great for fast terrain and traditional Enduro use.

(The GoldenTyre GT 216 AA FIM DST 90 / 100 - 21 TT 57R Front is a more reinforced front for rally use)

The GT216AA front tyres work well with all Goldentyre rear Enduro/MX tyres.

Suggested combinations

MX - GT 216 80/100-21(soft) or 90/90-21 (hard) front GT232N (soft/intermediate) or GT 280 (Sand)

Enduro - 'Normal' going - GT 216 90/90-21 front and GT216 140/80-18 HBN rear (use 120/90-18 Goldentyre mousse with HBN)

Enduro - 'Extreme' events - GT216 90/100-21 front and GT 216X 140/80-18 or GT523kX rear

Trail/UK Rally - 'Hard' going - GT216 90/90-21 front and GT523E 140/80-18 rear (with 140/80-18 mousse)

XC Hare and Hounds - GT216 80/100-21 or 90/100-21 (soft ground or technical going) and GT230 110/100-18 rear



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