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Adventure-Spec are the sole distributor of Klim for the UK. The Adventure-Spec/Klim relationship has helped to set the course for a new wave of motorcycle clothing designs. Taking the technological advances made over twenty years in mountaineering and outdoors clothing (seemingly ignored by other manufacturers) and applying them to clothing for motorcyclists has produced an unrivalled range.


The co-branded Klim/Adventure-Spec 'Adventure Rally' suit set a benchmark for riding kit and has influenced all later products. With over 50,000 miles of expedition testing prior during development, plus two wins in International Rally Raid events, this is clearly the most focussed design ever put on sale. Do other manufacturers put there designs through this kind of testing, no! 



Whether you're passion is battling the elements and terrain in the most extreme enduro events, overland travel to the four corners of the earth, a daily commute in all conditions year round, or anything in between, Klim have a superior piece of kit for you!


Klim clothing is fully certified Adventure-Spec and truly gives Freedom To Explore!



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