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  1. Buzzetti 240mm tyre lever - Set of 3

    A three piece set of super strong 240mm steel tyre levers for the more experienced tyre changer. Extremely simple design complete with pouch. Learn More
  2. Buzzetti Professional Tyre Lever

    A 371mm steel tyre lever with 48mm curve and raised lip for easy access to 'Desert' tyres and 'Mooses'. Regardless of skill levels this tyre lever will help you to change anything, anywhere with no pinched tubes! Learn More
  3. Adventure Spec Spoke Key

    Eight spoke key sizes in one small tool allows you to adjust any required spokes whilst on the move. Essential if riding offroad on standard wheels. Learn More
  4. Motion Pro T6 Bead Buddy 2

    Professional full size clamp used to help hold and replace your tyre onto your rim after a tyre or moose change. Learn More
  5. Motion Pro Mini-Pro Tri-Drive T-Handle

    Simple, lightweight set of T-Spanners for use on the trail or in your workshop. Sockets interchangable with the Motion Pro Trail tool. Learn More
  6. Motion Pro 16" Tyre Lever

    Motion Pro 16" Tyre Lever

    5 stars, based on 1 reviews

    Professional quality tyre lever for tough jobs (i.e changing moose's). A couple of these should make levering on those stiff-sidewalled rally type tyres a breeze (michelin desert, mt21's etc). Learn More
  7. Motion Pro Cable Luber

    Motion Pro Cable Luber

    5 stars, based on 1 reviews

    Excellent way to lubricate all your cables without removing them from your bike. Just add a can of silicon lubricant and in 1/2 an hour your controls will be like new once again. Learn More
  8. Motion Pro Float Bowl Wrench

    An excellent small lightweight tool to allow access to your FCR carb float bowl for cleaning out blockages and bad fuel when mid adventure / RTW trip. Learn More
  9. Motion Pro FCR Carb Tool

    An excellent way to replace your carb mainjet in seconds rather than hours. Excellent for those riding at varying altitudes or experimenting with jetting of new pipes. Learn More
  10. Motion Pro Magnetic Finger Glove

    Ever lost a bolt Learn More
  11. Motion Pro Shock Spanner Punch

    Ideal tool for turning hard to reach lock ring and preload ring on rear shocks Learn More
  12. Motion Pro Mini-Pro T-Handle set

    Five piece set of short t-handle sockets with the key sizes to maintain your dirtbike. Learn More
  13. Motion Pro 50mm WP Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench

    Essential tool to remove the fork cap on KTM SX and XC models with the closed cartridge WP 4860 forks (also 2011+ Husabergs!).

    The slot holds the damper rod, allowing you to remove the rebound bolt at the bottom of the fork. Once removed the cartridge can be extracted to allow fork springs to be swapped.

    Learn More
  14. Motion Pro 49mm Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench

    49 mm, 8 point box wrench for removing the fork cap (cartridge) on dual chamber closed cartridge forks on late-model Yamaha & Honda MX bikes

    Learn More
  15. Motion Pro Compression Bolt Removal Tool - WP 4860 MXMA CC

    For removing and installing the compression valve assembly from the fork cap on WP Closed Cartridge 4860 forks Learn More
  16. Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Tool

    Set your fork oil level perfectly everytime, in no time, with no mess. "Makes changing the fork fluid a no brainer." Learn More
  17. Motion Pro Folding Sag Scale

    Out of stock

    No fuss sag setting scale, lets you get accurate consistent sag measurements quickly and without the maths! Learn More
  18. Motion Pro Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner

    If you've got leaky fork seals, give this magic gadget a try before committing to an expensive seal replacement... Learn More
  19. Motion Pro Fork Seal Bullet, 48mm, Orange

    This tool is intended to allow the easy installation of fork seals on inverted fork systems. It eliminates the need for the use of plastic bags or tape to protect the seal while installing over the bushing grove. Learn More
  20. Motion Pro Ringer Fork Seal Driver, 48mm

    New and improved 'Ringer' fork seal driver! Learn More

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