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  1. Buzzetti 240mm tyre lever - Set of 3

    A three piece set of super strong 240mm steel tyre levers for the more experienced tyre changer. Extremely simple design complete with pouch. Learn More
  2. Adventure Spec Spark Plug Holder

    Tough plastic case to hold and protect a single pre-gapped sparkplug. NOT FOR KTM690 or HUSKY 701! Learn More
  3. Adventure Spec Puncture Repair Kit

    A full kit to allow repairs of all makes of innertube. Includes patches, glue, glasspaper, chalk, wax crayon etc. Learn More
  4. Motion Pro T6 Combo Lever

    Motion Pro T6 Combo Lever

    5 stars, based on 12 reviews

    Super lightweight T7075 aircraft aluminium tyre levers with integral ring spanner. Used by Dakar racers, RTW riders, extreme expeditions and trails. For use with the MP 3/8" socket adaptor.

    Learn More
  5. Motion Pro T6 Socket adaptor

    Motion Pro T6 Socket adaptor

    4.35 stars, based on 3 reviews
    Designed to fit inside the Motion Pro T6 ring spanner this attachment turns your spanner into a 3/8" socket wrench and removes the need to carry additional heavy tools. Learn More
  6. Motion Pro Trail Tool

    Motion Pro Trail Tool

    5 stars, based on 17 reviews

    Unquestionably one of the finest lightweight all purpose tools ever designed. One of these and a leather man will dismantle 80% of all motorbikes in minutes. It weighs nothing and replaces most of the individual spanners, sockets and drivers in your toolkit.

    Learn More
  7. Motion Pro 16mm Spark Plug Tool

    Lightweight 5/8"/16mm thin wall spark plug spanner and swivelling extension bar. Ideal for use with water cooled 4 stroke adventure / enduro engines. Learn More
  8. Motion Pro T6 Chain Tool

    Super lightweight chain tool. Breaks and presses side plates on chains upto 525. Weighs only 170g! If you take 4 spare links and two split links (neither included) you can repair almost any chain damage, anywhere. Essential. Learn More
  9. Motion Pro T6 Chain Tool Replacement Pin

    For use with the Motion Pro T6 Chain Tool if your breaking pin becomes lost or damaged. Learn More
  10. Motion Pro T6 Bead Buddy

    Lightweight portable clamp used to help push your tyre back onto your rim after a change or puncture. Removes the need for three tyre levers or three hands! Learn More
  11. Motion Pro Mini-Pro Tri-Drive T-Handle

    Simple, lightweight set of T-Spanners for use on the trail or in your workshop. Sockets interchangable with the Motion Pro Trail tool. Learn More
  12. Motion Pro Float Bowl Wrench

    An excellent small lightweight tool to allow access to your FCR carb float bowl for cleaning out blockages and bad fuel when mid adventure / RTW trip. Learn More
  13. Motion Pro FCR Carb Tool

    An excellent way to replace your carb mainjet in seconds rather than hours. Excellent for those riding at varying altitudes or experimenting with jetting of new pipes. Learn More
  14. Motion Pro Magnetic Finger Glove

    Ever lost a bolt Learn More
  15. Motion Pro Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner

    If you've got leaky fork seals, give this magic gadget a try before committing to an expensive seal replacement... Learn More
  16. Stop Leak Radiator Sealing Powder

    Essential tool pouch item for sealing up leaky radiators on the trail. Learn More
  17. Motion Pro 14mm Spark Plug Socket

    Lightweight 14mm thin wall spark plug socket. Ideal for use on late model KTM 4-strokes, 2010 Honda CRF250R and 2009 CRF450R Learn More
  18. Motion Pro Nitro Tape

    Super, get you out of trouble, high temperature, electrically insulating, self sealing repair tape. A genuine essential (check out the vid!) Learn More
  19. Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set

    The Bead Pro Tire Tool is an innovative, compact and lightweight tool that makes it a breeze to break tire beads and change tires on the road, trail, or even in the shop Learn More
  20. Motion Pro PBR Chain Tool

    Motion Pro PBR Chain Tool

    4.5 stars, based on 2 reviews

    Motion Pro's newest and most innovative chain tool allows you to 'Press, Break and Rivet' all 520, 525 and 530 chains. A compact, heavy duty tool, mainly for the workshop, but still manageable on the trail for Big Trailie riders who don't use split links. Learn More

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