Motion Pro T6 Chain Tool Replacement Pin

Motion Pro T6 Chain Tool Replacement Pin
Motion Pro T6 Chain Tool Replacement Pin

by Motion Pro

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In Stock
For use with the Motion Pro T6 Chain Tool if your breaking pin becomes lost or damaged.



Questions on Motion Pro T6 Chain Tool Replacement Pin

  • From Jonathan Livingston at 06/05/2014 16:23
    • I purchased the T6 chain tool but the Extractor Pin has bent. This is item 9 in the illustration supplied with the chain tool. Can you confirm that this replacement pin actually includes the exposed part of the Extractor Pin? - ie the part which actually makes contact with the chain/plate?
      Please note that I previously asked the question as to how this tool can be used to extract a link - ie break the chain as opposed to removing/fitting the master link. I was hoping for a film clip demonstrating this. Is this available?
    • Jonathan,

      The replacement pin does include the exposed part of the Extractor Pin. When you are breaking a chain (i.e. removing a chain pin from any link) the extractor pin should not be visible. We do not have a video showing this but I will try to explain the system as best I can below:

      1. There are two threads on the T6 tool, one fine thread that controls the movement of the pin (the nut furthest away from the casting) and one course thread (the nut nearest the casting) that controls the clamping action of the tool.
      2. Undo do fine thread of the extractor pin until the pin cannot be seen beacuse it has retracted up inside the threaded clamp section.
      3. Undo the threaded clamp section until there is enough gap to fit the side plates of the chain between the casting of the tool and the threaded clamp section.
      4. Place the chain in the tool. The pins of the chain should locate one in the hole of the aluminium casting and one in the hole of the threaded clamp.
      5. Tighten the threaded clamp so that the chain cannot move, the protruding ends of the pins captures in the two locating holes.
      6. Tighten the fine thread of the pin so that it moves inwards and pushes the pin out of the chain.This can be a tough job and can require considerable effort.

      Hope that helps
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