Adventure Spec Spoke Key

Adventure Spec Spoke Key
Adventure Spec Spoke Key

by Adventure Spec

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Eight spoke key sizes in one small tool allows you to adjust any required spokes whilst on the move. Essential if riding offroad on standard wheels.


"There is nothing better than the glow you get after a great days riding. A quick check of the bike will ensure that the bike is as ready to roll the next morning as you hope you will be.

One of thge easiest checks to do is a simple lift of the front and rear wheels, spinning them with a metal object resting against the spokes.

The lovely plink, plink. plink sound and a quick visual check should reassure you that all is well.

But what if you get a plink, plink, plonk. Oh Oh, loose spoke...

The best way to avoid loose spokes is to get your wheels built properly before you leave with heavy duty spokes, steel nipples and quality rims. You'll rarely need to adjust a wheel like this.

Your second option is to carry a spoke key and check and adjust regularly. That should stop any further deterioration to damaged nipples or broken spoke, both of which will significantly decrease the strength of your wheel..."


Questions on Adventure Spec Spoke Key

  • From csp at 26/01/2013 21:48
    • What are the 8 sizes?
    • The 6 spoke key sizes are

      6.3, 6.5, 6.8, 5.7, 6.6and 6.0.

      Hope that helps!
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