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Adventure Spec Inline Fuel Filter Glass

Adventure Spec Inline Fuel Filter Glass
Adventure Spec Inline Fuel Filter Glass

by Adventure Spec

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In Stock
Small, transparent, unidirectional, in-line fuel filter ideal for placing between tank and bike to stop poor fuel stopping your bike. Can be reverse flushed and reused if required.


In the Western World we are usually blessed with clean fuel and clean fuel transmission systems, which means that  in a large commercial fuel station our cash buys us clean petrol.

When we travel abroad we can't be so sure about what's going into our tanks. Of more concern still is what passes from our fuel tanks to our carburetor or fuel injection systems.

These precision engineered components aren't happy eating dirt, grit, or any other impurities and soon tell us how unhappy they are by refusing to work : BREAKDOWN !!!

A cheap and simple solution to this problem is the reusable/disposable in-line fuel filter. Simply fit between tank and bike by cutting your fuel hose and placing the filter in the gap.

The clear plastic enables you to monitor your fuel supply and actually see the dirt that gets stopped. Once you ve fitted one you'll realise its the best £5 you'll ever spend!

Just add two hose clips to ensure a perfect fit.


Questions on Adventure Spec Inline Fuel Filter Glass

  • From Graeme at 18/10/2012 14:29
    • Hi,

      How big this item is, in terms of length / diameter? Also is it plastic or metal?

      Many thanks,

    • Full dimensions for our current filters.

      The total length of the filter is 80mm
      the length of the main fuel chamber is 50mm
      The max diameter of the filter is 25mm.

      The item is made from metal and glass
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  • From Kim Tyson at 23/05/2014 18:46
    • I have a 12 cyl Jaguar, the fuel line to the pump is 1/2 inch ID. (12.7 or 13mm)
      Do you have one in this size?
    • Kim,

      We don't I'm afraid. BIkes usually use 6mm or 8mm (1/4" or 5/16") and they are the only sizes we stock.

      Sorry about that.
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  • From Ed at 28/07/2014 10:27
    • Is this a 8mm fitting?
    • Ed,

      It is a 6mm or 1/4" fitting, NOT 8mm.

      Thanks for the question,
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