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Adventure-Spec Magadan Panniers MK2

Product Review (submitted on 8 August 2014):
It’s no secret I was a fan of the Mk1 Mags which I regretted selling with my bike last year. The Mk IIs have addressed the one flaw I mentioned about attachment points on the lower corners. The metal rings look thin, but better they bend off than the fabric rips. I’ve just done a London to Scotland trip with my loaded Mag IIs. Not a hardcore test (that comes later) but enough to sign off the newer versions as near perfect for my needs. Heavy downpours over the border - all was dry, as expected. Best of all I like the big outer pockets - so handy to get to stuff without disturbing the main bag.
The new attach rings mean a secure fitting for a regular road ride without the need the full cross strap set up. Other than that, it’s just a chunky, big-capacity throwover saddle bag. The velcro seat straps I’m warming to for adjustability. The new logo is cryptic enough and anyway, will soon lose its ice-white glow. I agree with Casper the inners feel a bit chunky but they will soften up and will last. I prefer to haul them out and leave the outers attached most of the time, so chunky is better. A lighter colour (like Kriega) is a great idea, though.
Too expensive? Afaik not compared to what else is out there at the same quality and volume. For a travel bike your baggage system is as key as a hiker’s backpack and will have the same rough use daily. I feel the simple but functional Mag IIs are up to it. Hats off to A Spec and Walter C.