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Adventure-Spec Magadan Panniers MK2

Product Review (submitted on 15 June 2014):
I was supposed to be a soft luggage convert, but I am not sure that the Magadan mk2. is the product which will make that happen.

***Adventure Spec Comments***

This product have a number of issues which makes it very difficult to like them:

- the "small" outside pockets will only take an 1.5 liter bottle and smaller, in many places water somes in 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 liter bottles, and 2l being the cheapest.
***The outer pockets were designed for fuel bottles (usually upto 1.5 Litres as shown in the sales images) or smaller personal water bottles***

- the bags a closed with velcro, the issue with this is that they have decided to place the velcro so that when opened the "active" part of the velcro faced outside. If one is wearing a synthetic shirt that will be ripped to pieces it it touches the velco.
***Understood and a good point, I will pass the information onto Walter***

- I personally feel that at that price the logo should not be bigger than a dime (I'm not interested in doing free advertisement).
***There isn't much we can say about this as it is very much personal preference, some poeple love the logo!***

- the outer fabric might survive a fall on dirt, but not on asphalt, after a very low speed spill a few weeks ago mine now have random holes in the outer skin.
***There is very little fabric that withstand the weight of a 200+kg bike sliding down tarmac on top of it, But, we note that the sandwiched inner stab/slash proof layer remained intact***

- the inner bags are made of too thick material, and they are "black" which really helps when one have to find things in them - too cumbersome to use - to replace them with either Ortlieb or Sea To Summit bags is the only solution (additional cost)
***A personal obeservation, I use the bags myself and don't find these thngs a problem, but again I will pass the information onto Waler***

- at the price the over the seat straps could have been made in a more useful fashion....
***Please let us know more about what you mean by 'useful' for example, how do they not function how you would like?***

- one have to purchase at additional cost one (horizontal) and possible (vertical) straps to keep them in place on the bike.
***True. We could add the straps and increase the pirce of the bags, but many people already have starps and don't want to be forced to buy more***

- the straps over the seat could have been better thought through ...
***As above, please let us know more about what you mean by 'useful' for example, how do they not function how you would like?***

All in all there is nothing wrong with the bags, but at this price range there is everything wrong with them.