Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set

Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set
Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set

by Motion Pro

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In Stock
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Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

9 Item(s)

Brilliant and effective
Brilliant piece of kit. I've used these many times and they have never failed to get every bead off a range of tyres/wheels. They make me smile every time I use them. I've not found a down side to them and they're worth every penny.
Overall rating
Review by Mike Rallymoto / (Posted on 08/10/2019)
A good piece of kit
The Beadpro tyre levers are a pretty pricey, but purposeful piece of kit. Sure, it doesn't offer you the comfort of a tyre workshop, where you sip your coffee and the bike gets a fresh set of tyres installed. But on a trip, it becomes very quickly an essential tool once a tyre has to come off.
I've been changing heidenau k60 scout front and rear, been told one of the trickiest tyres on the market, on my 660 tenere. It was hard work, but doable. It took few minutes and multiple repeats to break the bead, but, eventually, both came off. I was doing it at home, but using only my trail tools for practice. Important: carry a small amount of tyre lube with you. Without the lube I probably wouldn't make it.
I gave 4 stars because the shape of the irons is not optimal in my opinion (too flat). I needed a third iron (my 22mm ring spanner/tyre iron) and found it shaped better.
Overall rating
Review by D7 / (Posted on 13/05/2017)
Good so far....;o)
Dunno, the latest I'll use them, the better. At least they are nice and light.
Overall rating
Review by bozo92 / (Posted on 18/01/2017)
Pricey - but very light and it works
Finally got to use these bead breaker/tyrelevers. I'd have struggled to break the bead by standing on it, but the MPs forks easily slipped in and separated tyre from rim in a jiffy (to be fair, my rim did not have a safety bead). The tyre lever ends might look a bit wide and sharp-edged compared to slim and rounded Buzzettis (another great lever) or MP’s 16”-er, so you’d want to be careful to avoid tube pinching, but these MPs weigh just 256g a pair, way more than half of one Buzzetti. The only caveat is the £68 price tag when regular MP 16s” or Buzzettis are just £26.
Overall rating
Review by Chris S / (Posted on 16/12/2016)
You never know until you try them for yourself even after the good reviews, I know the problems I've had before trying to break the bead on my motorcycle tyres but these Motion Pro bead breakers made easy work of it due to an innovative design very little effort is needed you just need to work them from side to side a couple of times and off it pops. With them being les than half the weight of my usual levers and able to break the bead they will be perfect for my next trip away.
Overall rating
Review by Flash / (Posted on 02/09/2015)
Well impressed, amazingly light and super strong. Fits inside a Kriega US5 as well.
Overall rating
Review by GB / (Posted on 19/06/2015)
Best bit of kit ive bought in a long time, broke the bead on a 140 rear k60 scout in seconds !!

Money well spent
Overall rating
Review by jim / (Posted on 08/04/2015)
Breaking beads not breaking sweat!
Heidenau K60 tyres can be a little troublesome to break from the Excel rim, In the past I've used a length of wood wedged under the car tyre but last time I used this method the wood broke so I ended up taking the tyre and wheel to the local car tyre fitting place to break the bead.
These Motion Pro bead breaker levers have been on my radar for a while but they are quite spendy so I've held off buying them but with my MOT test coming up and the back tyre getting low I put my hand in my pocket and stumped up the cash to buy a set and I'm glad I did, I used them today for the first time and managed to completely break the bead on my rear tyre within 3 minutes for the first side and a couple of mins for the other side.
They are also very good quality tyre irons and weigh next to nothing, they'll last forever and are essential kit for longer trips.
Verdict? Money well spent.
Overall rating
Review by Big Al / (Posted on 22/04/2013)
Excellent Bead Breaker
** Copied from **

At last someone has produced a lightweight bead breaker that actually works. It's by Motion Pro. My tubeless tires are always very difficult in breaking the bead but together with their Bead Buddy device it's very straight forward. Job done on first try just minutes after taking out of the box. Both tools only weigh 360 grams. I use glass cleaner as a lube and a rubber mallet always helps. The other end of the tools can also be used as tire levers which I used to successfully dismount the tire completely. A little, tiny bit short, though.
Cleverly designed, highly recommended for travel.

(yes, I know there's other methods - including the sidestand - but this seems so simple (and light). I can't do the sidestand trick when traveling alone)
Overall rating
Review by anon / (Posted on 25/11/2012)

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