Tyre Valve Pulling Tool

Tyre Valve Pulling Tool
Tyre Valve Pulling Tool

by Buzzetti

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Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

4 Item(s)

bit of a let down
Have to agree with David. Doesn't remove the valve stem, wrench & hole way to small. Tried on ix heavy tube & irc standard. Will try a few more but am sure that it won't fit, wrench is wrong design & I think that all MC valve stems are standard ... Will have to carry separate valve key. Bit of a let down in the end.
Overall rating
Review by vince / (Posted on 26/08/2016)
Tool is not the right size
Luckily I tried this tool at home. I assumed the tool could also pull the stem valve out but I tried two different brand tubes and the little hole and the 'wrench' part are too small.

So basically it will only pull the valve through the rim but I need to buy a separate stem valve puller. A bit of a let down.

***Adventure Spec Repsonds***

We've just checked this tool on our Goldentyre valves and it pulled the valve core without problems. We'd be very interested to know which brand of tyres they didn't work with!
Overall rating
Review by David / (Posted on 12/06/2016)
Time saver
Can easily save a good five mins, never again fanny around with trying to poke the valve out of the rim only to find out that it's slipped back in once you've got the second bead on
Overall rating
Review by Bolty / (Posted on 15/05/2016)
Useful addition to toolkit
Handy bit of kit
Overall rating
Review by manxman / (Posted on 05/11/2015)

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