Linesman Jacket

Linesman Jacket
Linesman Jacket

by Adventure Spec

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A great Jacket to go anywhere in.
I brought this jacket about a year ago when I was back in the UK. Being back in Melbourne I wore it over our summer not on extreme hot days but 35 degree C days and it performed well it was still comfortable in cooler weather with a base & mid layers on it is my go to jacket now.
Overall rating
Review by Keitho / (Posted on 06/08/2019)
Light and Safe
I will try to give a more road oriented review. I recently made, a road trip from Poland to Northern Norway (5200 km). During the journey I drove in almost all weather conditions from almost 30 C in Poland to 5 C at Nordkapp (plus strong wind and rain). The Linesman jacket was the outer shell all this trip. It was combined with baltic jacket/armour jacket/base layer (plus waterproof layer in heavy rain). All this trip I felt comfortable, warm and my movement was no restricted in any way. I really like the lightness/softness of the linesman jacket as I felt comfortable after many hours of riding. Also I used it off the bike. I highly recommend this jacket and the whole idea of “light” riding to anyone travelling on road (I switched from heavy gore-tex jacket and I will stay light).
Unfortunately I also tested the safety features of the jacket as I had a crash and slide on tarmac. The kevlar areas (and armour jacket) did their job outstanding, as the jacket (and me) remained mostly intact. There are only small patches of lightly worn out kevlar on one arm and that’s it (the Mongolia Trail Pants where punctured/ripped in few places). So again thumbs up for safety of whole “light system”.
Overall rating
Review by Piotr / (Posted on 13/07/2019)
Very Good Fit, Look and Wind Protection
First of all, sizing is spot-on if you take into account the sizing chart and the "How to" video. Thanks for that ... KLIM should learn from you guys
For the jacket it self, I really like the look and the fit, very comfortable !
Why only 4 stars for this review ??
1. The end of the cuffs coming in contact with your wrist is in kevlar with only a very narrow band of soft material... not so nice... I would really appreciate a much larger band of soft fabric for upgraded comfort when wearing the jacket off the bike.
2. It seems very odd that the elbows are not covered with kevlar but forearms and shoulders are ??? It gives a poor perceived protection... I would like to have your feedback on this. Thanks
Overall rating
Review by Thierry / (Posted on 25/06/2019)
Well thought out, 1st class jacket.
There was a gap in the market waiting for this jacket for a long time. I would describe it as a very tough soft shell. This makes it light weight, practical and flexible as part of a layering system. I am 1.9m and weigh 100kg. I have a size L (large), which fits perfectly. With the forcefield armour padding fitted I still have comfortable room for a couple or 3 tech layers, with the added option of a waterproof layer on top. The jacket is extremely versatile and would say most owners will is this off the bike a lot too. The manufacturing quality is excellent, made of excellent materials and really well put together. The jacket lives up to its description and goes some way beyond. Even the surprise in the pocket is multi-functional. I would confidently recommend it to anyone.
Overall rating
Review by Mike A. / (Posted on 06/06/2019)
You ger what you pay for. Hands on- Brilliant!
Great jacket! I must admit that I use the jacket just as much off the bike as on the bike. I just love it. Comfy and really well made. Combined with the core base layer it keps me warm and comfortable. Been riding in some light rain and that was no trouble either.
I am 183 cm and weigh around 90 kg. Large was perfect in size. I use armour in the dedicated pockets in the jacket.

One near bonus i discovered was that in the right pocket there is one handy lite surprise for you! Buy and find out!
Overall rating
Review by Magnus Göransson / (Posted on 06/05/2019)
Great looking, comfortable, hard wearing, practical, not perfect but you can’t please everyone! However I’m very happy and would recommend A +++
I’ve been looking around for a light adventure jacket for a while and had read great things about the Linesman, so I bought one and absolutely love it! It takes body armour which isn’t included in the price. The armour fits well, however I found the back protector to thick and hard so I opted for a softer D30 which may not give quite as much protection but for me comfort is premium.
I do like the option to remove the sleeves however you’ll need to remove the should protection when you do and of course your elbows will also be exposed so you’ll need to consider alternative protection in this areas.
The jacket is extremely well made and very comfortable. It has front hand pockets fleece lined and large zipped vents at the side.
It’s not waterproof, but it’s a great looking hardwearing very comfortable trail jacket which I would buy again if I lost it.
Overall rating
Review by Stinkypete / (Posted on 02/05/2019)
If Carlsberg made trail riding jackets
I've now been using the Linesman Jacket for 6 months. Rain, snow, sun and wind. It really is the ideal trail riding and adventure jacket. Tough enough to withstand day on day use, smart enough to wear out on the evening and comfy enough for all day use. The last 3 days have seen it's use in scorching conditions. It's venting works beautifully and, for the cold mornings the windproof nature when zipped up keeps out the chill.
Fitted with forcefield armour in the pockets it's light and allows you to move freely.
I opted for the XL (I'm 5'11" and 84kg) which makes it a looser feel and allows air to circulate even better. I could quite easily have got away with the L which, with armour Inn the pockets, would have given a closer fit and made it more of a cross between an armoured vest a la Dianese or bionic and a normal jacket. The stretch of the material would have allowed that easily.
All in all a perfect, smart, comfortable, durable, protective jacket.
Overall rating
Review by John / (Posted on 12/07/2018)
The jacket is absolutely awesome in quality and comfort
I ordered this jacket without any armor, because I use my poc spine VPD 2.0 under the jacket.

My choice was the jacket in XL because i want to wear my armor jacket under the linesman jacket. (Normally i wear L ) So i have although the opinion to wear only my armor jacket or the linesman jacket without sleeves for additional cooling.

The jacket is absolutely awesome in quality and comfort. You can although use the linesman jacket as a normal softshell jacket on colder Days.

The linesman jacket is my choice in every-day use or at adventures on my KTM 625 and the TET.

Overall rating
Review by nitrofoska / (Posted on 11/05/2018)
tough jacket!
I ordered the jacket for a friend. I have never seen him since then. I think he really likes the jacket and is gone for endless riding... ;)
Overall rating
Review by Lionel Linesman / (Posted on 27/03/2018)
Tested in UK Winter
I bought the Linesman jacket specifically for trail riding in the Uk, and for a 2 week trip in Kashmir later this year. It fits well over armour and has room for movement on the bike. The neck has a good high zip closure which is easy to use with gloves, and the sleeves remove easily.
I've worn this a couple of times now, one day in March this year which saw weather ranging from sunshine to white out snow storms. Although the jacket is not listed as waterproof it kept the snow moisture out, and was very windproof.
The only thing I would change / add would be either a waist drawstring or elastic waist as there is a fair bit of material here - ok if you're on the large size. Other than that Im very happy with the product. the sizing chart is spot on, so measure with your armour on as Adventure Spec suggest .
Overall rating
Review by Simon / (Posted on 27/03/2018)

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