Adventure-Spec Magadan Panniers MK2

Adventure-Spec Magadan Panniers MK2
Adventure-Spec Magadan Panniers MK2

by Adventure Spec

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Almost Perfect
My panniers arrived here in Canada very quickly. Most impressed with the quality and design. The added MK2 D rings allow me to locate the bags on my racks with flexible straps to keep them positioned.
Only way to improve the package is to have made the dry bags just slightly smaller to allow them to be removed easier. Tapering the panniers like the Wolfman,s to allow dry bag removal when loaded would have made them a 5 star .

Overall rating
Review by Tim / (Posted on 18/03/2014)
Outside Bags Great, Inner Liners Crap.
I bought them for my 690 E

1) Big Enough: They fit all my camping gear, clothes, spare tubes and tools
2) Tough: A Truck rubbed its tire one of the bags on a tight road, it didn't even left a mark, also rode in the rain for hours nothing leaked.
3) Practical: I could carry extra gas on the outside pockets.

Not everything was perfect though the liner bags are crap.

First detail is that the velcro on the inside liner wasn't sewn correctly, for sure it will come undone after a few uses.

Other thing I didn't like is that I just couldn't take the liners out of the bags with out taking the contents out. They don't slide out as advertised. One day after riding all day in rain and mud, It was easier to take the whole bags out of the bike and into the room, Of course the hotel staff wasn't amused with my muddy Luggage.

The roll closure on the liner takes too much space. Mayby I'll try carrying my stuff in plastic bags or dry bags of another sort.
Overall rating
Review by Oscar / (Posted on 13/12/2013)
No Hard Panniers!
I just returned from a quick trip around Western Wyoming with my new Magadan panniers. And I am very pleased with them. The roads were quite muddy at times and my 950 spent a lot of time on its side- sometimes on purpose dragging it back onto the road, and sometimes sliding down the slick muddy road. I hat to think what my Touratech aluminum panniers would have looked like!
Overall rating
Review by Kelly / (Posted on 28/05/2013)
Chris Scott Reivew!!!
**Adventure Spec Comment **

WOW! Check this recent review by The Adventure Motorcycle Handbook writer and world reknowned adventure motorcyclist Chris Scott...

“Having used Zegaflex and Monsoon and Andyz and Oxford in recent years (as well as close inspection of other products and several others in the preceding decades), I've just come off a 3000-mile trip using AS Mags ... For my sort of riding and prefs they are the best thing out there... Walter really did think it through without any unnecessary flourishes. 'Security' is the main reason overland riders give for being put off soft bags, and only Mags attempt to address this, even if actual theft is rare the Pacsafe cables can help secure any soft bag.”
Overall rating
Review by Chris Scott / (Posted on 27/05/2013)
Ticks the right boxes
Bit of a noob to touring in general never mind "overlanding" however I wanted soft panniers with reasonable capacity and a degree of security. Love these. Rear pockets take 2x 1.5l water bottles. Front will take 1x 500+ml can of drink or 2x 250ml cans and they won't fall out under normal circumstances. I used MasterLock python cable locks and they worked a treat. Money very well spent.
Overall rating
Review by PvtVoytek / (Posted on 30/04/2013)
***Great soft panniers***
I was lucky to get my hands on a set of the protorype Magadan panniers. When I got them they had already been used for two months on heavy duty off roading. They looked like new :-)

I used the panniers from Yakutsk, via the Old Summer Road, to Magadan. The first of Adventure-Spec Magadan panniers to actually get to Magadan :-) Crossing loads of rivers and iffy bridges. They did the job.

They sit low on the bike for stability. They take a fall or ten. No damage. I drowned the panniers in deep rivers. 100% water proof. If you have been on the Old Summer Road you know what I mean.

I can highly recomend these panniers for the serious offroader.
Overall rating
Review by EtronX from Trans Sibir eXpedition 2012 / (Posted on 19/10/2012)
all you need
I,ve used andy straps bags before ,for hard adventurous trips,i,m afraid they are not in the same league .
Overall rating
Review by teebee / (Posted on 11/10/2012)
These are all you need
These and a small tank bag are all i took on a 3 mth ,14000 ml. trip around 10000 of which were on rock ,dirt and gravel tracks,hundreds of river crossings,and all day rain.
After a good wash they are as good as new.
Overall rating
Review by Tee bee / (Posted on 11/10/2012)
Best on the Market
Having used many of the assorted soft panniers on the market at various times in the last decade, and having always found too many deficiencies with them, I am pleased to see someone has got it right. Really tough bags, survived dozens of falls in Morocco. I never got to test the waterproofing, but the toughness of the bags is the best I have seen. The ability to lock them to the bike is awesome, and quite frankly, about time that soft bag makers addressed that issue. Five stars from me - someone actually knows what they are doing.
Overall rating
Review by Harry / (Posted on 11/10/2012)
Huge storage, removeable dry bags, 2 pockets large enough for the 2 litre oil bottles sold by TT and H.G, 2 other front pockets large enough to take 1 litre flexan bottles.(perfect to 'P' in at night!!
5 days of hellish thunderstorms and massive downpours without respite + 1 dunking in a small river crossing-d'uh! it happens-and just a bit of dampness at the top of the roll on outer bag.
Only mod I did was to add small straps to hold bags on my MM frames and a 'belt-and-braces extra supporting strap around each bag. Very happy- Well done Walter.
good kit and saving me 10.5 Kgs when I don;t use my MM 45 litre cases
Overall rating
Review by Bert / (Posted on 18/07/2012)

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