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Motion Pro Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner

Motion Pro Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner
Motion Pro Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner

by Motion Pro

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If you've got leaky fork seals, give this magic gadget a try before committing to an expensive seal replacement...


Most leaky fork seals dont need replacing, they just need cleaning. Enter the Seal Mate...

  • Easy way to keep your fork seals clean and debris free

  • Extracts dirt and debris trapped between fork seal and tube

  • Will work on conventional and up-side down forks

If you're travelling this could really save the day!


Available only in Blue


I can't believe IT worked!!! I was going on this years desert motorcycle ride in northern California ( The mystery 250) when I noticed both my fork legs were leaking. I called my local shop to get them fixed but they needed two days wrench time,and the ride was the next day. So I took out the Sealmate tool, stuck it in the seal and rotated around. I then pumped the forks but they were still leaving a ring of oil, so I kept pumping and wiping, about (nine times in all) I was amazed, they both re-sealed.Even after the ride they were not leaking!!! Great product, THANKS"

Questions on Motion Pro Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner

  • From Richard at 02/10/2014 17:23
    • Do you need to remove the circlip above the fork seals as that sits in a groove. I can't see how the sealmate tool can get passed the circlip and clean the seal as the circlip will stop it. All bikes have a circlip but the sealmate instructions make no mention of removing it. Thanks Rich.
    • Richard.

      No, this item is so thin that it should slide down between the fork stanchion leg and the seal face. The idea is that sometimes you get a little bit of grit or sand between the two and oil will weep past it. By pushing this down and around it can help shift these bits of muck and give clean operation (in the good old days we just used to use camera film but, you can't buy it any more so we use these now instead).

      Hope that helps.
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