Michelin Bib Mousse M16 Enduro Rally Desert 21 inch

Michelin Bib Mousse M16 Enduro Rally Desert 21 inch
Michelin Bib Mousse M16 Enduro Rally Desert 21 inch

by Michelin

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No more flat tyres...


No More Flats!

Thats the purpose of these in a nutshell.

Developed in off-road and desert racing, Michelin made the first mousse and they remain by far the best. Fundamentally they last longer than the competition and when you're paying this amount for an item you need some durability.

Adventure-Spec strongly recommend using at least double the amount of lubrication as is stated. Rim locks are also key to stopping the mousse slipping in the rear, overheating and disintegrating. You have been warned!


Questions on Michelin Bib Mousse M16 Enduro Rally Desert 21 inch

  • From Will at 08/09/2013 12:58
    • What is max rated speed for these mouses? Will a front mouse last longer than a rear under rally raid conditions?

    • With mousses its not the speed that is the issue (Dakar riders regularly exceed 100mph for long periods), but keeping the temperature of the wheel as low as possible by lubricating the mousse peoperly. The hotter the mousses get the shorter their life span. Heat comes from the speed you ride, the external air temperature, the weight of the bike and the amount of lube you use.

      Generally the rear mouse will last twice as long as a front. Mousse life spans range from 1 day (500km) for a heavily loaded dakar bike at speed in extreme heat, to 1000's of miles on a small bike running slow speeds and regular mousse removals and re-lubes (I ran a front mousse on a DRZ400 for over 8000km).

      Hope that helps
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  • From Thierry at 07/10/2013 15:36
    • Dear,
      On one hand you stress the importance of the rim lock but on the other hand Michelin strictly recommend NOT using rim lock.
      This warning is present on all BIB Mousse package (because the Rim Lock might damage the mousse as they said). What do you think ?
    • If you dont use a rim lock the mousse will also get damaged from moving against the rim.
      The staff at Adventure-Spec have always used rimlocks their mousses.
      I have a set of mousses that have done over 6000 miles with good care and regular (double michelin amount of mousse gel) lubrication.
      We have heard of a lot of mousses that have desintegrated from spinning on the rim under power, check out the story of the Motosyberia Reactivation problem on advrider.com

      The other side of the story is some riders (including Lyndon Poskitt) dont use them.

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  • From Howard at 25/01/2019 08:23
    • Hi, are there mousses available to fit the standard KTM 1090R wheels / tyres :

      Front: 2.5x21inch spoked wheels , 90/90-21
      Rear: 4.5x18inch spoked wheels , 150/70-18

      If so I presume you would recommend rim locks for this weight and power of bike?

      Many thanks
    • Michelin don't make mousses for rear rims above about 3.5 (tyre size 140/80-18). We're not aware of anyone else making such large mousses either. So your only option really would be to rewheel your bike with narrower rims such as those from a KTM 690.

      Rim locks would be essential in either case.

      Hope that helps.
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