GoldenTyre G-Mousse

GoldenTyre G-Mousse GoldenTyre G-Mousse GoldenTyre G-Mousse
GoldenTyre G-Mousse
GoldenTyre G-Mousse

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GoldenTyre G-Mousses - the next generation mousse for Extreme grip and maximum durability


The G-Mousse is the next generation of mousse from Goldentyre

G-Mousses provide better performances and long lasting: they come from 1 year of development, researches and testing, made of latest generation of polymers and result of a new production system. The mousse is cured in the mould, then the mould is released, then it is closed again and a second heating ensures perfect consistency and incredible durability.



See tyre product description for recommendation on the correct mousse.

GoldenTyre offer a complete range of mousses (foam tyre inserts) for all uses and appropriate tyre sizes. GoldenTyre's own information and excellent fitting instructions can be found by clicking the 'Technical Info' tab above.

Developed with some of the world's top riders, and unlike other manufacturers, GoldenTyre offers different mousse compounds for different uses, including Extreme Enduro. Choosing the correct tyre and mousse combination can offer dramatic performance improvements to your bike, and alongside correctly adjusted suspension is the most effective upgrade for any off-road bike.

Adventure-Spec can offer advice on the best combination of GoldenTyre tyres and mousses for you and your bike.

Here are a few tips on best practice for using mousses...

1. Always fit rimlocks in the front and rear wheels. Without a rimlock the tyre can easily spin on the rim, leading to poor grip and friction-heat which rapidly damages the mousse. Wheels will be put out of balance with rimlocks, but you can balance the wheel with stick on weights on the rim, or weights wrapped round the spokes. A balanced wheel will not generate wheel hop at high speeds.

2. Correct lubrication of mousses is ESSENTIAL for longevity and performance. Each Goldentyre mousse is supplied with a 50ml tube of lube. Adventure-Spec have found using even more lube can be beneficial (double) and allows longer maintenance intervals and improved durability, particularly if you find yourself needing to do any (slow) asphalt miles. 1kg tubs of Goldentyre lube are available below!

3. Mousses are not road legal. They're designed for off-road competition use only. If you do end up riding on asphalt for any reason and distance, keep speeds moderate (max approx 60mph/100kmh) or your mousses will disintegrate quickly. Adventure riders have used mousses on off-road tours, but this is NOT the norm and unless your tour contains less than a couple of hundred miles of asphalt dont even think about it, heavy duty tubes are much more forgiving.

4. Goldentyre mousses are designed for lighter machines such as enduro bikes and modern single cylinder rally bikes. Running mousses on heavier bikes is not recommended (even Desert mousses).

5. Correct fitting of the mousses is essential to not damaging the tyre, particularly the bead. Full instructions can be found in'Technical Information' tab above. Adventure-Spec offer a full range of tyre tools, including tyre changing rigs, tyre levers, bead buddies and rim protectors.

 6. For most uses choose the mousse that corresponds to your tyre size. Different size mousses can however be used for specific purposes: extreme enduro riders looking for ultimate grip may run a 120 mousse in a 140 tyre to maximise the tyre footprint; riders doing very fast events or riding heavier/more powerful bikes may run a bigger mousse than is designed for the tyre making the tyre firmer, preventing rim damage or the tyre coming off the rim during hard cornering.


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