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Advanced Dual Sport Riding DVD

Advanced Dual Sport Riding DVD
Advanced Dual Sport Riding DVD


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The second DVD in the series from Ned Suesse. Got the basic's nailed? Now its time to deal with the real problems. Sand, ruts and other dreaded obstacles explained, demystified and made simple.


Once you've  broken free from surfaced roads and have the confidence to start exploring the endless network of trails undoubtably available near your home, what happens next? For the lucky few this is enough, but for most of us the Adventure bug bites hard and the need to explore a little further, to push ourselves a little more, or to be ready for unknown is always there.

Doing this almost always leads us into situations that tax us a little more than we would ideally like, wouldnt it be great if we had skills and knowledge ready for these siuations when they crept up on us?

Ledges, Roots, Berms, Rock gardens, Sidehills, Ruts, 2-Up riding, Stream crossings, Bailouts for tough spots, Energy conservation, and more...

Following on from the huge success of 'Dual Sport Riding Techniques', Ned Susse has been back on his bike creating a second definitive DVD of more advanced riding lessons, skill drills and superb riding footage all wrapped up in his usual excellently presented  package.

Trailer link here!

Why not find out what to do about it BEFORE it happens!


Questions on Advanced Dual Sport Riding DVD

  • From Ken at 19/07/2013 15:42
    • Subtitle or captioned? I am deaf (hearing impaired) so wondering if the video is subtitled or captioned because otherwise pointless for me to watch without understanding what the person is saying on video. Thanks!
    • Ken,

      I am afraid the DVD is neither subtitled or captioned to a great enough degree to allow understanding of the instruction given as it is mostly narrated.

      Sorry about that, ride safe!
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  • From Thomas at 10/06/2016 21:17
    • Hi,
      Which Format is the dvd (pal, ntsc?)
      Region Code?

    • This DVD is in NTSC format as it's made in the USA. It should play on PC dvd players without problems.
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