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Adventure Spec have been busy building a new website. We closed down on Friday 26 June. Our new site be live in the next couple of days. To find out how this may affect your order please follow this link. Thank you.

Commonly Asked Questions

There are a number of subjects we are frequently asked about relating to general aspects of how we operate and others that are specific to the products we sell.


For questions relating to specific products please use the 'Ask a question' link above the price on the product's page. You will be shown a list of other questions other riders have asked before about this item. There is a pretty good chance someone else will have had the same query and the answer will be right there! If not enter your new question and we will answer it to the best of our abilities. You can choose to keep the question and answer private or post it publicly to share with other interested riders.


Other than product questions there are a few really common topics that come up...


SHIPPING: for everything you need to know about shipping click on the 'Shipping & Delivery' link at the bottom of the page!

Briefly, we ship just about anywhere and you can get a shipping quote at anytime by placing the items of interest in the basket, clicking 'Your Basket' then entering your country and a post/zip code in the 'estimate delivery' box at the bottom of the page.


VAT: again the vat situation is explained in 'Shipping & Delivery'

Briefly, if the delivery address is in the EU you pay the VAT, if not you dont. Deliveries outside of the EU will be subject to local taxes and we dont supply false customs declarations


CURRENCY: Adventure-Spec are a British company so all our payments are effectively taken in UK pounds sterling (£). When you change the currency selector at the top of the page the site displays prices based on an exchange rate provided by our site and updated every few days. When you make payment our system is taking an equivalent amount of UK pounds stirling to the figure in the other currency displayed. What does this mean? Not a lot other than we dont accept payments in the ACTUAL currency so we cant accept bank transfers in USD or cheques in AUD etc.


STOCK: We try and keep our products on the shelf and also try and keep our system accurate but occasionally there are discrepencies. If there is a mistake with stocking we will let you know as soon as possible and get you a lead time ASAP.


SHOWROOM: Adventure Spec does not have an on-site showroom or any facilities for the public. As such, we cannot have customers on site. Our dealer network is always growing and there will be one not far from you.


DEALERS: Adventure-Spec have a growing network of dealers who you can visit if you want to feel items before you buy. You can find them on the 'dealers' link in the 'Explore' section of the site (right of the navigation bar next to the facebook logo). Adventure-Spec dealers do not stock all our products, just a selection of the brands we distribute (Klim, Giantloop, Vision X, ADV tank etc), you can check with the dealer before you go to see what they have. If they dont have what you want we can get it to them next day in most cases so give them a go, there a good bunch!


DISCOUNT: We're from Yorkshire and dont do such things... On a serious note we try and price products at a sane margin and dont sign up to the 'overprice it and then discount' model of sales that has been the vogue for such a long time. Adventure-Spec products are chosen not because they're expensive, just because they work. Buy right, buy once.


SPONSORSHIP: Adventure-Spec do support a number of high-profile riders as well as up and coming ones. We treat sponsorships as business deals, we expect a return on our investment and as such produce a contract with strict clauses with regard to what we expect in return for whatever we offer. Nothing comes free! We also have favourite charities that we personally support, so our charitable offerings go to them.


EXCHANGES & RETURNS: Please see 'Exchanges & Returns' link at the bottom of the page!

Briefly, we do offer exchanges and you can return unwanted items, but there is a procedure that needs to be kept to and it is outlined clearly. We have a lot of goods travelling backwards and forwards around the globe all the time so a tight system helps us to serve our customers effectively. Help us to help you!



GORE-TEX: GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY! All Gore-Tex products come with the Guaranteed-to-Keep-You-Dry warranty which lasts for the 'life of the garment' which unfortunately is not your entire life. The guarantee is robust, but does not cover ripped or burnt items. Also it is guaranteed to keep YOU dry and does not cover pockets and contents unless explicitly stated. Click for more details on the Gore guarantee and for Klim's own statement on warranties including gore products click here . Only products purchased from Adventure-Spec directly can be warrantied by us, if you bought them from a dealer the product must be returned to them. Also please note that the Klim warranty is non-transferable, ie it is not valid for second-hand items.



REPAIRS: Adventure-Spec do not carry out repairs in house. If you have damaged an item of clothing we can suggest two great repair shops that we have had great success with. These are both licensed by Gore and can perform repairs that make your guaranteed-to-keep-you-dry Gore warranty remain valid after repair. Please see the addresses below and tell them Adventure-Spec sent you.


Lancashire Sports Repairs
Contact: David Comer
19 Athletic Street
Burnley, Lancashire  BB10 4LP
Tel: 01282 439109


Contact: Maureen
Unit 3, Baird Close
Stephenson Industrial Estate
Tyne and Wear, NE37 3HL
Tel: 0191 419 3444



PRICING: Imported goods incur import duties, shipping costs and VAT, therefore they will be more expensive than in the US. Import duty on most clothing is 12% and VAT is 20% and these are calculated on the item price plus the shipping cost. The UK government is very keen on grabbing every last pound of tax revenue it can in these days of austerity, so the old days of personal imports slipping through the net are long gone. We do our upmost to minimise costs on imported goods, but pricing can fluctuate vastly due to rapidly changing exchange rates. Please be aware that all prices can change with no notice given!



SIZING: Most of our clothing has sizing charts but if you are struggling please give us a call, usually we can size people up from a quick chat and make recommendations at the same time.




If you have any other questions please give us a call on +44 1422 882997