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  1. Salt and Gold DVD

    Salt and Gold DVD

    5 stars, based on 3 reviews

    A filmed attempt to cross the empty western quarter of the Sahara Desert in order to reach the fabled salt mines of Taoudenni by motorcycle. If you've ever dreamed of pushing your 'holidays' to the limit you'll need to see this! Learn More
  2. Mondo Enduro DVD

    Mondo Enduro DVD

    4.9 stars, based on 8 reviews

    The first and still arguably the most influential adventure motorcycling film in the world. Join Austin, Gerald and the team as they set out without technology or maps on DR350's to ride around the globe. Awesome stuff! Learn More
  3. Terra Circa DVD

    The second circumnavigation of iconic film maker Austin Vince and his crew as they re-aquaint themselves with the dreaded Zilov Gap and in an attempt to even the score. Do they make it? We're not telling! Learn More
  4. MotoSyberia DVD

    Maciek Swinarski rides from Poland to Magadan through 'The 'stans' and Mongolia documenting his trip with his own unique and enviable style of film making. Not be missed! Learn More
  5. Advanced Dual Sport Riding DVD

    The second DVD in the series from Ned Suesse. Got the basic's nailed? Now its time to deal with the real problems. Sand, ruts and other dreaded obstacles explained, demystified and made simple. Learn More
  6. Sibirsky Extreme Project DVD - NTSC

    Join prolific adventure motorcyclist and Siberia aficionado Walter Colebatch and his friends on a ride of discovery into Central Asia and the darkest depths of Siberia. Learn More
  7. Adventure Motorcycle Morocco DVD

    Adventure Motorcycle Morocco fiollows a group of friends as they pass through this land of iconic history and culture riding 2000km offroad through high mountain passes beautiful sand dunes and endless open desert. This is the perfect film for anyone who wants to experience riding or travelling in Morocco, beautifully filmed in true High Definition this is not to be missed. Learn More
  8. Sibirsky Extreme Project DVD - PAL

    Join prolific adventure motorcyclist and Siberia aficionado Walter Colebatch and his friends on a ride of discovery into Central Asia and the darkest depths of Siberia. Learn More
  9. Seven Short Films About Motorcycling DVD

    A collection of 7 short films featuring or produced by Austin Vince of Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa fame. No true adventure motorcycling film collection is complete without this ultra-rare celebration of all things two-wheeled and petrol fuelled! Learn More
  10. Roadside USA DVD

    Its not all about motorcycles when it comes to Austin Vince films, particularly if a shortage of cash meant the next adventure required a bit of 'thinking outside the box'. Roadside USA was the result... Learn More
  11. Moroccan Extreme DVD

    Moroccan Extreme DVD

    3 stars, based on 1 reviews

    Join prolific adventure motorcyclist Walter Colebatch and his friends on a ride across the classic Dakar pistes of Morocco. Includes full data DVD of trip planning routes and POI's! Learn More
  12. Mondo Sahara DVD

    Austin Vince is back with a thrilling new expedition and film – Mondo Sahara! Learn More
  13. THERMAREST Prolite Plus Regular length

    Super light, but super thick and warm sleeping mat from the original and best, Thermarest. Full length Learn More
  14. Thermarest Instant Repair Kit

    Out of stock

    Fix your Thermarest with ease and get back on track with your camping holiday or adventure in seconds. Learn More
  15. WATER (CAN)

    1 gallon(3.8L) Rotopax portable water container. Learn More
  16. MSR Spork

    Out of stock

    Is it a spoon? Is it a fork? No, its a SPORK! Learn More
  17. MSR Packtowl Nano Towel (Small Sunset Mesa)

    Out of stock

    MSR's lightest and most compact towel. Makes an awesome goggle wiper clipped to your handlebars Learn More
  18. MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

    Out of stock

    The Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set is our most comprehensive set of tools for outdoor cooking. Learn More

    Lightweight, Packable Cots that fit in a pannier or backpack and provide the ultimate in camp comfort. The mesh version is a little heavier, but offers a full 26inches of width! Learn More
  20. THERMAREST Stuff Sack Pillow - Large

    Out of stock

    Stuff sack that converts into an extremely comfortable pillow! Learn More
  21. TET Calendar 2019

    Containing a selection of the most stunning images of the TET taken so far. Learn More

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