CELEBRATING THEIR FIFTH YEAR IN 2013, Giant Loop® has evolved from two adventure motorcycle riders with a single saddlebag available only online, into one of the world's most innovative soft luggage makers. 

The 2013 line includes four completely new products, as well as updates across the entire Giant Loop collection. Riders worldwide energize and inspire Giantloop to continually improve, and each design is prototyped and tested in some of the most demanding off-road conditions. 


Some of the very best riders in the world use Giant Loop gear, including Baja 1000 winners Quinn Cody and Kendall Norman, off-roadracing legend Malcolm Smith, world-record setting Husaberg Adventure Team, London-to-Sydney riders from Continental Drift, as well as many others. Giant Loop has also received positive reviews in virtually every major US motorcycling publication, as well as Australian, European and South African media.


"We began in 2008 with a hope of opening up new possibilities for riders to explore this magnificent planet, and today we stand proud tohave expanded horizons for a worldwide community of riders."

Heres the GL story in the word's of Harold and Dave...



David Wachs, Giant Loop designer
David Wachs designed the Giant Loop® Saddle Bag for personal use on long-
distance off-road adventures.

" The idea for long-distance, multi-day rides on dirtbikes actually came from our friend Josh Hale who told us stories of his adventures out of Nevada City, CA as a kid back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. They put all their junk in backpacks and suffered through till they found a campsite.



Another inspiration was a group of dusty old-timers Dave encountered on the old Santiam Wagon Trail just west of Sisters, Oregon sometime around 1994. These wily veterans were on XR 250s and their leader was a quite large man on a suffering DR250. To haul their gear, they use an interesting collection of military baggage, backpacks and duffel bags lashed to the motorcycles. These friendly fellas were heading west over the Cascades after spending a few days at Christmas Valley Sand Dunes and still had 120 miles to get home to Stayton, OR. We thought that was burly, and we were kind of jealous of their trip.



Dave started out with some homemade ‘doggie backpack-style’ saddle bags custom sewn for his ‘95 RXC 620. The maiden voyage on this set up was down in Cali on a trip from Ridgecrest into Death Valley up Golar Wash.



“Everything was working OK,” says Dave. “The other guys’ kits carried quite a bit more gear, but mine was very minimal and my bike handled much more sporty than the others, for sure. Tom Dillenbeck and I swapped bikes (he was on an early 640 ADVENTURE), and that’s when I realized the potential of truly long-distance rides with that huge 7.5-gallon tank. On the second day over Lippencott headed for the Saline, my set up slipped onto the pipe. I stopped to see molten number plate plastic dripping onto my bike’s swing arm. I got to camp and Ezra found a California Centennial license plate that I wired onto the bike as a heat shield. That hillbilly fix got me through the trip, but it wasn’t pretty.”


Harold Olaf Cecil joined Dave on an early Giant Loop, constantly fiddling with a
rafting dry bag lashed to a heavy custom rack and road bike saddle bags that had
to be held out of the way to kick start the bike.


Several other versions were built, tested and worked fine but there were still three bags: Two on the sides and a duffel lashed to the stock KTM rack on the back of the bike. Stuffing gear into bags and strapping them to the bike took too much time and required constant attention to make sure nothing was shifting around. The KTM’s steel subframe cracked in a couple places and needed gussets to repair. Our buddies’ racks were all bent, cracked or worse and none of us left town without backup straps (not bungies) to make those inevitable back country repairs. It became rather obvious that unless we were just going to putt-putt across the desert, we needed a more secure system.



“One morning at camp I was packing my kit and it occurred to me that the solution was a continuous volume connecting all three spaces into one,” says Dave. “I didn’t need to stuff my sleeping bag into a bag and lash another bag on, it simply needed to be one space – just like my backpacks.”



The first of these designs worked flawlessly (although it was a bit small), and Dave put several thousand miles of hard riding on it testing the concept. The second and third versions were much better space-wise, but the concept had proven itself and every trip Dave took illustrated the challenges his friends (like Harold) were dealing with by not having the convenience of our system.



The final version of this idea has many more trips on it, and we are confident that if you embrace the “go light, go fast” theory of off-road adventure riding, you will enjoy the tight, low-riding weight distribution of our system. Dave has been out for seven-day trips and has yet to find himself wanting more space or more stuff. Think about it: You are going to need fuel almost everyday, and it’s not like you are traversing the Gobi Desert for the first time ever (although it would probably allow you to do a trip like that). Once you really pare it down to the essentials, you realize that truly, “less is more.”


Ride while you can!


Dave Wachs & Harold Olaf Cecil


Giant Loop®
Bend, Oregon USA "


GIANTLOOP'S DESIGN VISION - Top priorities for designing motorcycle gear: 1. Rugged enough to scoff in the face of off -road punishment; and 2. Stable enough to stay put while taking the pounding

Giantloop delivers these qualities, while also eliminating the need for metal racks mounts and braces, optimizing a packed bike’s performance by positioning the load as close to the bike’s center as possible, and protecting both bikes and riders by containing gear within a pliable outer shell.

Next in line: 3. Waterproof in extreme wet conditions; and 4. Modular and flexible enough to satisfy a broad spectrum of bike types, terrain and gear loads.

With the 2013 line, Giantloop now offer riders more 100% waterproof options and even more flexibility to customize the best solution for each rider’s individual needs. Rather than making the proven outer Bombshell waterproof, Giantloop protect gear inside with waterproof Dry Pods and some of the toughest roll-top Dry Bags made.

Giant Loop provides to the original purchaser a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship if purchased directly from a Giant Loop authorized dealer. This warranty covers defective materials and craftsmanship only, and does not include damage due to normal wear and tear or misuse. Failure to comply with the included instructions for this Product will void the limited lifetime warranty. If defects in the materials or craftsmanship of the Product exist, notify Giant Loop immediately of the defect. Giant Loop will provide for repair or replacement of the Product, after Giant Loop has determined, in our sole discretion, that a defect is present. Proof of purchase is required to utilize the limited warranty provisions. If you experience any problems with the Product within the warranty period please return the Product or contact us for prompt repair or replacement at our discretion

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  1. Giant Loop Mototrek Panniers

    From: £299.00

    Waterproof, Rack-Mounted Soft Luggage for Motorcycles. No Mounts or Hardware Required. NEW FOR 2017! Giant Loop developed the new MotoTrekk Panniers in collaboration with our Australian importer, Steve Smith of Adventure Moto AU, with the goal of designing a rugged, stable, universally fitting, affordable, waterproof, rack-mounted motorcycle soft luggage solution for virtually all motorcycle makes and models. Learn More
  2. Giantloop Fandango/Diablo Harness 2017

    Get a second harness for your 2017 Fandango/Diablo tankbag so you can easily swap it between bikes

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  3. Giant Loop Footmans Saddlebag Loop Anchor Kit

    The Footmans Loop Anchor Kit is a simple, affordable, universal way to add solid anchor points for webbing straps to motorcycles, snow bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs and 4x4s

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  4. Giant Loop Saddlebag Dry Pods

    Replacement waterproof Saddlebag Dry Pods for the Great Basin and Coyote Saddlebags. Learn More
  5. Giantloop Mojave Saddlebag

    From: £169.00

    The choice for hardcore off-road expeditions. Carry gear for multi-day trips — and still work the entire saddle. Rides on rear fender and/or tail rack. Straps on to dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles, no passenger pegs required. Learn More
  6. Giantloop Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top

    From: £375.00

    Introducing the Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top, a fresh update of the original biomorphic, horseshoe-shaped Saddlebag design that Giant Loop pioneered in 2009.

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  7. Giant Loop Possibles Pouch Roll Top

    The universal Possibles Pouch Learn More

  8. Giantloop Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top Black

    Giantloop Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top Black Learn More
  9. Giantloop Coyote Roll Top Saddlebag

    From: £300.00

    The choice for hardcore off-road expeditions. Carry gear for multi-day trips — and still work the entire saddle. Rides on rear fender and/or tail rack. Straps on to dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles, no passenger pegs required. Learn More
  10. Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top Grey

    Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top Grey Learn More
  11. Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top White

    Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top White Learn More
  12. Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top Yellow

    Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top Yellow Learn More
  13. Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top Orange

    Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top Orange Learn More
  14. Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top Black

    Giantloop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top Black Learn More
  15. FUEL (CAN)

    Out of stock

    1 Gallon collapsible fuel container Learn More
  16. Giant Loop Mob Armor Smartphone Mount
    Mob Armor Smart Phone Handlebar Mount Learn More
  17. Giant Loop Columbia Dry Bag

    Better than top-loading duffels, the 100% waterproof Columbia Dry Bag opens from both ends, providing quick access to gear without unstrapping the Dry Bag from the motorcycle. Learn More
  18. Giant Loop Kiger Tank Bag (includes H2O-proof dry pod)

    Designed for bigger adventure touring bikes and riders carrying camera gear and electronics, the 9-liter Kiger Tank Bagル is the largest member of the Giant Loop tank bag family, with a generous touchscreen-friendly map pocket that fits many tablet computers and mobile devices.

    Learn More
  19. Giant Loop Klamath Tail Rack Pack

    Like a tank bag for the rear of bike, the low-profile Klamath Tail Rack Pack keeps gear organized and easily accessible, securing to virtually any motorcycle tail rack.

    Learn More
  20. Giant Loop Labrador Dry Pods (universal H2O-proof luggage/pack liner)

    100% Waterproof* Labrador Dry Pods keep gear organized and dry inside hard luggage or backpack.

    Learn More

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