Baltic Hybrid Jacket

Baltic Hybrid Jacket Baltic Hybrid Jacket Baltic Hybrid Jacket Baltic Hybrid Jacket Baltic Hybrid Jacket Baltic Hybrid Jacket Baltic Hybrid Jacket Baltic Hybrid Jacket Baltic Hybrid Jacket Baltic Hybrid Jacket
Baltic Hybrid Jacket
Baltic Hybrid Jacket

by Adventure Spec

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The ADV Spec Baltic Hybrid Jacket. A lightweight midlayer designed to be worn over or under armour. Insulated body mapped panels provide warmth, stretch fleece fabric allows a comfortable fit over armour.

130g Thermore® Thermal Booster Insulation
Handwarmer Pockets
Internal stuff sac pocket
Lightweight wind resistant fabric
Removable Hood
Water resistant shoulders and hood to help deflect the rain

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What is it?

The Baltic Hybrid is the most versatile of the ADV Spec mid layers. It is a lightweight shell jacket that provides extra insulation where you need it but remains breathable where you don’t. Stretch fabric allows the jacket to work unhindered over body armour and ‘shrink’ back to size when worn without. This jacket brings an extra level of warmth for cooler days on the bike, around the camp fire or in the morning as you get going.

How does it work?

Thermore® Thermal Booster Insulation actively adapts to conditions, performing better for longer. Body mapped panels use this insulation in key areas where heat needs to be retained -  the chest, neck and kidneys. The rest of the jacket uses a stretch fleece fabric providing maximum movement and minimal bulk. As the name suggests, the Baltic Hybrid is an innovative riding jacket that provides different levels of insulation to the body.

Who is it for?

When used as part of the ADV Layering system, the Baltic Hybrid pairs well with all of our Outer and Base Layers. For all but the coldest and honest environments this jacket is likely to be used on most rides. It’s the jacket you put on when you get out of your tent and put the coffee on, then keep on for the first hour of riding as you warm up. When not used the stretch fleece fabric helps the Baltic Hybrid pack down helping you ride far and light.

Technical details

  • Body mapped Insulation panels with Thermore® Thermal Booster Insulation
  • Chest Pocket
  • Handwarmer Pockets
  • Hem drawcord with one handed release
  • Stretch fleece fabric to give freedom of movement and comfort
  • Made in Europe


The ADV Spec Baltic Hybrid Jacket.

Sizing Info


Questions on Baltic Hybrid Jacket

  • From Thierry at 25/12/2017 22:21
    • Dear,
      Measurments have to be taken on a naked body as per chart ? Or should I wear my body armour during measurments ?
      Thanks a lot
    • A good question!

      For this jacket, unless your body armour is exceptionally thick you should measure your chest size without armour. The stretch fabric on this jacket is designed to stretch over armour so you get a good fit with armour or without.

      Measure your chest without armour and buy the size the size chart suggests. That size will stretch to accommodate armour.

      Hope that helps,

      -Adventure Spec.
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  • From Matt at 15/01/2018 12:21
    • Hello,

      What temperature range would you estimate this jacket is suited for?
    • Used under a waterproof/windproof shell I would expect it to keep the chill off you down to around 10-15 degrees C with a good quality base layer underneath (depending on how much you feel the cold). By itself over armour it gets more complex as windchill will play a significant role on determining how effective the jacket is...I would say that here in the UK I would use this jacket for summer, spring and autumn (fall) riding under a shell unless it was a particularly cold day.

      Colder than that and you'd need to take a look at the Fully Insulated Baltic Jacket which is for full winter/expedition riding and can be used as a windproof shell in it's own right and has water resistant removable hood and shoulders.

      I hope that helps.

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It's called body mapping.


And hugs your body when you're not wearing any