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Garmin Montana 600 GB Bundle

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Garmin Montana 600 GB Bundle

by Garmin

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It finally happened - Garmin brought a unit out that really does tick all the boxes for the adventure motorcyclist - Montana is here! This special bundle includes full UK OS Mapping for only £50!
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This special bundle really is the ultimate tool for the adventure trail rider, with FULL UK OS MAPPING installed in the unit (only £50 over the base model instead of the £200 Garmin normally charge)

At Adventure-Spec we feel that a well setup and cable GPS device really can be the keys to true adventure and exploration

We have found ourselves on numerous occasions plotting random routes while on rides and frequently have discovered gems we would never have if slavishly trying to navigate a fixed route.

Modern mapping GPS units truely give you the Freedom To Explore and the Garmin Montana is the new kid on the block. It is also the first device that we have been interested in supporting as it really does tick all the boxes.

Key Adventure-Spec points

1. Designed with off-road bike travel in mind. the hardware is upto the job and we get a 'rugged' cradle to mount it to the bike (not included) in the WIDE HORIZONTAL orientation that suits bikes best (you can also mount vertical if thats your thing)

2. Stores enough mapping data and waypoints to get you just about anywhere, you can even share tracks and waypoints with your mates wirelessly on the trail. We're working on getting Open Street Maps installed in the unit, which are the best to use in remote areas of the world and are 100% FREE!

3. Full OS Mapping for the UK is absolutely fantastic for trailriding and exploring back routes. This is available as a bundle with the 600 GB Bundle at only £50 for the full UK instead of the £200 normally charged. These OS maps have all the information in them for turn-by-turn routing so with this installed you're good to go for all uses in the UK

4. Adventure-Spec will be using this unit extensively (having just lost the last GPS60CSX we owned) and bit by bit will become experts in this unit. We know GPS stuff can be a pain so we'll be able to answer your questions as you get up and running.


Heres the full Garmin lowdown...


"You wanted tough and versatile, we give you Montana handheld GPS device – the most advanced Garmin handheld featuring a ruggedized design with multiple mounting and battery options, dual-orientation and screen layout options and support for a wide range of Garmin cartography. The included 3-axis compass gives it a heading while standing still or not held level. Montana’s responsive touchscreen is a sprawling 4-inches and is sunlight-readable with brilliant color. It's versatile. It's tough. It earned the name Montana.

“Montana was designed with the ‘get dirty, go hard then go home crowd’ in mind, who are always after adventure,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales. “We now have one device to fulfill all of your rugged GPS needs. From navigating waterways in your boat and traversing the back country in your ATV, to hiking the Austrian Alps and even receiving spoken turn-by-turn directions on the way to the grocery store, Montana has the versatility and mapping compatibility to do what you need it to.”

Anywhere and everywhere: With Montana’s new ruggedized design there is no longer a need to hold back, regardless of your adventure. Montana is fully waterproof and capable of withstanding all the mud and grit you can throw at it, even when connected to its optional powered mount.  Use the power mount capability and City Navigator® for spoken, turn-by-turn driving directions, or the rugged mount for your motorcycle or ATV. If you are on foot, simply plug headphones into Montana’s 3.5mm audio jack to hear the spoken prompts.

When it comes to mapping, Montana has you covered with support for Garmin’s wide array of detailed topographic, marine, and road maps. Montana also supports BirdsEye™ Satellite Imagery (subscription required), that lets you download satellite images to your device and integrate them with your maps. In addition, Montana is compatible with Custom Maps, free software that transforms paper and electronic maps into downloadable maps for your device.

Stay powered: Montana offers two battery options to keep your device powered during remote hunting trips or other   outdoor adventures. When you have a chance to rest and recharge each night, a thin, light weight lithiu m ion battery pack, lasting up to 16 hours, comes in the box. For those trips where you’re off the g rid,  Montana also works on three AA batteries, giving users an additional 22 hours of use w itho ut being weighted down. "


Questions on Garmin Montana 600 GB Bundle

  • From Stuart Strickland at 17/09/2011 11:35
    • Are the bundled Garmin GB Discover 1:50K maps delivered on SD card (i.e., only viewable on the device) or are they delivered on CD-ROM (i.e., viewable on a computer and downloadable to the device?
    • The Garmin GB Discover 1:50K maps are supplied on an SD card but are not only viewable on the device, you can also view them and plot tracks and routes on your computer. Heres how it works...

      1. Download and install Garmin's Basecamp Software (link below). This software allows you to view maps, plot routes, plot tracks, catalogue and archive your trips, add waypoints and a whole host of other navigation related activities. It also handles transferring this information to and from your Garmin GPS


      2. Connect your Montana to the computer by USB. You can now see the contents of the Montana's memory in the Basecamp software. You can now view any maps installed on the Montana (ie the Garmin GB Discover 1:50K maps) on the computer. You can now plot routes and tracks over the OS maps on your computer screen and save them in the Montana's memory.

      Basically you can view the maps on the computer but only when you have the GPS connected.

      Another great source of excellent free routable mapping is the Open Street Map project.
      This is an open source mapping project that people from all around the world contribute information to. Coverage varies from outstanding (we prefer the OSM maps over the Garmin City Navigator in the UK, as it even routes on off-tarmac trails in a lot of areas!) to not great, but is getting better all the time as more people contribute more information. The website linked below creates maps of anywhere in the world that you can upload into your Montana, all 100% free!

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  • From kurt at 29/02/2012 18:40
    • I'm having trouble getting to grips with the Garmin, especially editing a tracked route on basecamp - I can not edit the road part out? Also a mate has sent me some routes on mmo files that I want to transfer to the Garmin, can this be done if so how?
    • routes and roads is a bit weird. If the unit is set to autoroute it will always try and take you down a road. You have two options. Select the route and 'convert to track' (i think if you right click it this is an option in the menu). This will take the waypoints in the route and put straight lines between each point. The other option is to go into the routing menu on the unit itself and change the setting to 'direct routing' from 'automobile' or 'motorcycle' or however it is set.

      My personal choice is actually to convert the route to a track and make the track visible on the unit. i then also have the route active, so i have the unit route me on road sections but when i get to an off-road bit the route will go around it on the road, but i follow the track on the off-road section. This works well particularly if you're short on time and want to miss bits out.

      Im not sat in front of the software, so sorry for being a bit vague. If this doesnt help give us a call and i'll go through it while sat with the software.

      To convert MMO files to the GPX files that you can definately load into Basecamp/Montana use the free converter at the link below!

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  • From Ulrich at 07/12/2013 06:43
    • Are maps available for Nepal, India and Laos ?
    • Hi Uli

      We have found Open Street Map to be the best source of mapping for more 'exotic' locations. This is great as Open Street Map information is free. It is an open source project and all data is added by people from recorded gps tracks, so it is very accurate

      To have a look at the available detail go to


      To download maps you can install on your garmin go to


      Hope this helps!
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  • From Dave at 04/09/2014 20:00
    • Does the Montana feature Bluetooth for connection to headsets? This would be a must for motorcycle use, surely?

    • Dave,

      If you connect the Montana to the Rugged Mount there is a 3.5mm jack plug which you can use to output the voice directions to a bluetooth transmitter.

      Hope that helps.
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