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Continental Ultra Heavy Duty tube 18inch

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Continental Ultra Heavy Duty tube 18inch

by Continental

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The Ultimate inner tube, no question!
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Regular Price: £22.96

Special Price £19.96



The Ultimate inner tube, no question!

Continental's 4.5mm thick tubes have been around the world more times than superman and have proved themselves to be one of THE must have accessories.

If you dont like fixing punctures a set of these is your best bet, with Slime added for increased puncture resistance

To Fit Sizes - 400, 460, 100/100, 110/90, 110/100, 120/80, 120/90, 120/100, 130/80, 130/90, 140/80 -18


Questions on Continental Ultra Heavy Duty tube 18inch

  • From Kris at 05/04/2012 17:35
    • I'm new to tubed tyres..coming from a GSA to a KTM...I have been told I can't legally put heavy duty tubes in as they will overheat...so can you please clarify what the reality is on this and if mousse or tyre balls are a better option if doing a harsh thorny, flinty desert trail...stock tubes, heavy duty or something else ( Like a tubeless conversion? Thanks!
    • Hi Kris.

      These Ultra Heavy Duty tubes are marked as not for highway use (they were originally designed for MX use i believe). Members of Adventure-Spec staff have used these tubes for in excess of 30,000 road miles with no problems (including a lot of 70mph-ish motorway miles on heavily loaded bikes)

      We have also used mousses extensively, including road use, but these are a much worse option if you are doing many road miles. Mousses are excellent for off-road use, but are not recommended for extended/majority road use, certainly at speed (they are also marked not for highway use, just dont tell the cops on the Dakar route!)

      One thing that really helps a lot with all options is to heavily lubricate the tyre insert, Mousse or Ultra Heavy Duty tube. The Michelin mousses come complete with a tube of Michelin Mousse Lube, which they direct you to use half a tube per tyre. We use at least one tube per tyre, normally a lot more (personally i have a big tub of Pro Clean mousse lube and absolutely get as much as possible of it in the tyre). We think the Michelin lube is actually a silicone grease. The same applies to tubes, if you lube them really well they will run a lot cooler and give you more peace of mind. One other thing that we do with mousses that is against the manufacturers recommendation is that we use rimlocks. If you do not use them the tyre will move on the rim and the mousse starts to tear making it deteriorate very quickly, obviously the better job you of lubing them, the more securely they need clamping to the rim! I currently have a set of mousses in my XR650R that started life in Dave Lomax's bike for the 2009 Salt and Gold Expedition. Since then i have been on a number of week long trail tours, done a whole season of UK rallies plus a fair amount of slow road miles. They have definately done over 9000 miles and are still useable, although getting noticeably softer now. I would say this is definately not normal for mousses, but obviously is possible!

      You don't say what bike you have exactly. If you have a KTM LC8 Adventure you really need dirt bike size rims to run mousses and even then they are right on the limit weight wise of what a Desert mousse is capable of holding up. Last season Lyndon Poskitt cut a heavy duty inner tube and put it around the Desert Mousse's he used to win the Big Bike Rally challenge on his Adventure. This made them extremely difficult to fit, but the tyre is much firmer and the bike sat up noticeably higher, alleviating Lyndon's worry the tyre would come off the rim in hard cornering

      In brief. Mixed use, ie road, trail and adventure use i personally use Ultra Heavy Duty tubes with Slime (which also helps to keep them cool and in balance). Mainly off-road and racing I use Mousses.

      Hope this helps!
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great product!
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