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  1. Mondo Sahara DVD

    Austin Vince is back with a thrilling new expedition and film – Mondo Sahara! Learn More
  2. Erzberg The Hard Way DVD (Official 2 Disc HD Copy)

    Out of stock

    Erzberg The Hard Way is the story of Grahams epic four year battle to win the last Extreme Enduro title to escape him. After three years crossing the finish line first and three disqualifications is there anything that can be done to lay his demons to rest? This DVD is Grahams story of the 2013 event and is riveting viewing as politics, mechanical failure, snow and flash floods all consipre against him again. Will he EVER win Erzberg? Learn More
  3. THERMAREST Stuff Sack Pillow - Large

    Stuff sack that converts into an extremely comfortable pillow! Learn More
  4. Moroccan Extreme DVD

    Moroccan Extreme DVD

    3 stars, based on 1 reviews

    Join prolific adventure motorcyclist Walter Colebatch and his friends on a ride across the classic Dakar pistes of Morocco. Includes full data DVD of trip planning routes and POI's! Learn More
  5. Coleman Solo Cook Kit

    Out of stock

    Bargain priced compact cookset from Coleman. Learn More
  6. Coleman Sportster Unleaded Petrol Stove 533700

    Out of stock

    The classic petrol stove. Coleman have been making a version of this almost unchanged for decades. Learn More

    Lightweight, Packable Cots that fit in a pannier or backpack and provide the ultimate in camp comfort. The mesh version is a little heavier, but offers a full 26inches of width! Learn More

    Lightweight, Packable Cots that fit in a pannier or backpack and provide the ultimate in camp comfort Learn More
  9. MSR Quick 2 System

    Classic cookset from MSR, perfect for two on tour, who want the flexibility of an extra pot and more capacity! Learn More
  10. MSR Alpine Kitchen Set

    Rolled into a small, burrito-style pouch, the Alpine Kitchen Set is tuned to be light and compact enough to travel anywhere Learn More
  11. MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

    The Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set is our most comprehensive set of tools for outdoor cooking. Learn More
  12. MSR Trail Lite Duo Coffee Press (for use with Trail Lite Duo Panset only)

    Wake up with a bang, wherever your adventure takes you. This compact accessory allows you to brew great fresh coffee in your Trail Lite Duo pot. Essential item for the Caffeine Commando! Learn More
  13. MSR Trail Lite Duo System

    Awesome cookset for two people, with narrow, taller pot that makes it much more suitable for packing in motorcycle luggage! Learn More
  14. MSR Packtowl Nano Towel (Small Sunset Mesa)

    MSR's lightest and most compact towel. Makes an awesome goggle wiper clipped to your handlebars Learn More
  15. MSR Spork

    Is it a spoon? Is it a fork? No, its a SPORK! Learn More
  16. MSR Whisperlite Universal Combo Stove and Bottle

    Multi-Fuel Stove. The WhisperLite Universal builds on the classic Interntionale allowing you to burn kerosene, diesel AND gas cannisters but most bikers and international travelers prefer the petrol out of their tanks! Learn More
  17. WATER (CAN)

    1 gallon(3.8L) Rotopax portable water container. Learn More
  18. MSR Groundhog Tent Pegs

    MSR Groundhog Tent Pegs

    5 stars, based on 2 reviews

    Ultra-light and sexy annodised tent pegs, as supplied with MSR Hubba HP range tents Learn More
  19. Sibirsky Extreme Book

    Out of stock

    'Going Where no Bike Had Been Before: Into the Ultimate Depths of Siberia!' The story of an insane 7 month motorcycle journey off the beaten track in Siberia Learn More
  20. Roadside USA DVD

    Its not all about motorcycles when it comes to Austin Vince films, particularly if a shortage of cash meant the next adventure required a bit of 'thinking outside the box'. Roadside USA was the result... Learn More

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