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  • The Tour Of Portugal : A new take on adventure riding...

    Guided tours have never really been our thing here at Adventure Spec, but neither have full blown competitive events either. In an ideal world we like to ride freely with our friends exploring tracks and trails across beautiful landscapes, particularly if it's somewhere new...but, for some people that's a big new challenge and a little [...]

  • Dave Darcy : The Tropical North Adventure Part 2

    Dave Darcy hits the trail for the first day...
    With its deep river crossings prone to flash flooding rains and steep hills lined with slippery clay, the Creb Track is renown as a four wheel drive wrecker and a track worth respecting on a bike.

    Pic 1:  Where the bloody hell are [...]

  • Dave Darcy Ride : The Tropical North Adventure Part 1

    It isn't usually too long between trips for AS partner Dave Darcy, so we were really excited to hear of his latest idea of a trip to Australias 'Tropical North'

    Getting ready to roll
    Just three sleeps to go, before we fly over 2,500 ks from Sydney to tropical north Queensland where we will meet up [...]

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  • After weeks and hours of building Basil bike for Races to Places, it was finally time to stretch his legs and give him a good old thrape! What better place to do this than to go down the local go-kart track and have a legal thrash around and tinker with Basils suspenders.

  • In conjunction with the feature video's posted at the bottom of this post, here are a few photo's of the bike build and the process that I went through in building what I consider to be the ultimate adventure bike.

    First I had to select the bike for the choice, my 950 was a bit long in the tooth with already over 100,000miles on her and my Dakar 450 bike was a little under engined and highly strung for a travel bike IMO. So, with it's 6 speed gearbox, carburetted engine, awesome suspension and chassis and fantastic fuel capacity, I decided on a 690 RFR but since I would have to make so many modifications to convert it from an ultimate Dakar winning race machine to the ultimate adventure bike I chose a bike that was in need of a rebuild anyway. The Solar bike already had a Dakar finish under its belt as well as a number of other events but it was time to tear it down and get it converted.

  • As we bring Season 01 to a close on Races to Places here is a bumper episode including the very remote Aral Sea crossing in Kazakhstan and the shenanigans that went with it. Breakdowns, difficulties with the police, a shopping spree in the middle of the sea, horse meat and crashes, this episode has it all.

  • In this episode we introduce Lukas, Lyndon's travel companion for a part of the trip. There's a thunder storm in Kazakhstan, some trading of tyres with the locals and bikes getting thrown on the. Curse words censored!

  • We investigate the history of the cars with no curves, an attempt at a little sight seeing proves that Lyndon needs to improve his knowledge of history. Luck strikes in Saratov with an amazing home-stay, an unsuccessful night cruise on pedal power and Basil gets out of his depths and goes for a swim.

  • Our arrival in Russia was one that will never be forgotten. Picked up by a member of the border police, we were hosted in true Russian style for our first night in this vast country. Through Dagestan and Chechnya we rode some amazing trails and met some amazing people.

  • As we come to the end of Georgia and cross into Azerbaijan, we were surprised by the hospitality and the amazing off-road tracks available to us. Guns, chocolate spread, sausages and mechanical breakdowns, this episode was full of surprises.

  • With the border crossing into Russia closed due to a landslide, we were forced to spend a week longer in Georgia in order to get an Azerbaijan visa and take an alternative route into Russia. So with some extra time, we chose to ride off-road across the mountains from the west to the east of the country. Caught out by the back-end of the winters snow fall, we were determined to be the first people across the pass this summer.......

  • It really was a whistle stop tour through Turkey but an essential one nonetheless. The trip planning with big brother (Walter Colebatch), the crossing onto the Asian continent and the cultural experiences along the way, here it is.

  • After leaving the UK and riding all the way through Europe to arrive at Nafpaktos, Greece to take part in the Hellas Rally Raid, my ride to finish strategy was blown out of the window when I found myself in the top 10 and pushing for a result rather than a finish. The inevitable would happen, albeit a small fall the consequences were not quite as desired.......

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