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Sep 12

Dakar Rally 2017 Update

The past few months have been somewhat hectic. Since the decision to do the Dakar Rally in 2017, I knew there was a lot to arrange, the difficulty would come from the fact that I would not be around to arrange it in the usual run up to the race. Why? Because I will be busy riding to the start of the race on Basil bike (KTM 730 Factory Rally) from the USA where he currently sits. So, this time, the whole shooting match pretty much had to be organised, prepared, tested and ready by the end of this week, some 10 weeks earlier than normal, a tall order for sure. The last months have been spent organising logistics, the bike, livery, painting, supporter clothing, race clothing, helmet designs, tyres and mousses and much more. It really is a monumental activity to prepare for the biggest off-road race in the world, especially when you a time limited an trying to film and release a Youtube Documentary all at the same time. Thankfully, despite sleepless nights, it’s starting to come together.

The biggest announcement of all is that I will be changing colours for Dakar 2017 and moving away from the Blueprint most of you know me for. 2017 sees MOTOREX oils celebrating their 100th anniversary and the 100% family owned business has come a long way in that time so to mark this celebration I am honoured to be flying their flag in Dakar 2017. Simply being given this opportunity shows their ongoing commitment to the Races to Places project. Competing in the race itself is tough enough but add riding half way around the world just to simply arrive at the start then it really does illustrate the endurance of all the products that I chose to use.

Another big decision was which tyres and mousses to use for the race and it was not easy but with a race that’s likely to cost around 100,000 Euros it’s certainly not a decision to be taken lightly, you simply want the best you can possible get. Having had lots of positive experience with Michelin Mousse and Tyre combinations in many different Rally Races it probably comes as no surprise that I chose to use Michelin again for Dakar 2017. I firmly believe this is the most developed and proven setup available to the public today and for that reason this was my choice and am happy to join #teammichelin for the race.

Of course I have also retained some support from existing sponsors and also picked up a few new supporters along the way, all of which are now strongly associate with the Races to Places project as a whole. I’d like to thank them all for their belief in me and this project and I am looking forward to bringing more fun stories and video as the story continues.