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May 25

Dave Darcy Ride : The Tropical North Adventure Part 1

It isn't usually too long between trips for AS partner Dave Darcy, so we were really excited to hear of his latest idea of a trip to Australias 'Tropical North'

Getting ready to roll

Just three sleeps to go, before we fly over 2,500 ks from Sydney to tropical north Queensland where we will meet up with our bikes that are currently being trucked north. Eight riders and 1200 ks over 4 days in dense, wet hot humid jungle. Seven KTMs and one 450 Yammy on this ride.  Most are riding adventurised KTM500s, which I think is the ideal choice.  Philippe and I are on our 690s.  I’m a bit concerned our desert style fairings will get in the way when the going gets tough, but we’re committed now! Due to the terrain, luggage is really light and most riders have turned to Giant Loop products.

The ultimate weapon for the job

Depending on conditions the first day can be a real challenge with steep slippery clay sections both up and down hill. The day finishes off with a deep river crossing that is full of salt water crocodiles…..the big bastards that eat you.  Everyone is carrying hammocks in case we get stuck in the jungle so we can sleep above the ground, away from anything that is going to eat, and, or, bite us.

Expedition first aid kit

On day two, we have been very fortunate to be given permission by tribal elders to ride on a huge isolated Aboriginal reserve.  When I mean isolated I mean no one has been on that track for a month or two due to the wet season.  At this location, about two years ago,  a man was pulled from his tent by a crocodile and was being dragged to the river when his mother grabbed a hand gun, straddled the back of the croc and shot it in the head….get this, she was fined for carrying a handgun in a national park!  Day 3 and 4 are fast open hinterland and I think I’ll be looking forward to opening up the 690.

As usual I’ll be filming the trip and posting a serialised version on youtube at Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV.  Once again I’d like to thank Dave from AdventureSpec for helping me make these trips happen and bringing the adventure to you and hopefully inspiring you to take your adventure bike past your favourite cafe!  I’ll also be testing some gear and providing written reports on how it performs.  On that note, I’m still riding with a pair of SIDI Adventure boots that have carried me over 20,000 ks of tough adventure miles.  Without question I voted it my best ADV boot ever! Why? Good wear, solid ankle support, comfortable, water proof…I mean no water when worn with an over pant……. easy to walk in

The full team asembled and ready to roll