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May 16

Supporting Races to Places on Patreon

Enjoy watching Races to Places? We are prepared to give a little more if you are! Please read on....

Myself and the Adventure Spec team have worked hard to develop Races to Places into the project it is today. We just hit our first major milestone of 1 Million views with over 6 Million minutes watched across the series now and almost 60,000 dedicated Youtube subscribers. It’s taken 2 years but we are really pleased with the response to the series. We have already created 4 seasons of 12 episodes plus a number of feature length specials about rally racing, but we'd like to do more and we'd like to do it better! After recently requesting feedback and listening to what our followers have to say, we’ve decided we'd like to offer some improvements. We’d first like to remove the Youtube adds (which generate very little income and are quite annoying to the viewers), we’d also like make longer episodes and release them more frequently (we have tons of footage in the bag but struggle to get it all edited with the budget available), and finally, we’d like to make more race specials (some big races coming in the future) and increase the quality of our output in general across the series....but, for all of this, we need your help. Through Patreon, you can now help us by paying a small monthly donation to the future of the project and in exchange we'll promise to use every penny to keep making improvements and generating the media that you tell us you love.

In addition to the above, myself and the team have decided to release the 'Blazin Through Baja’ video for free viewing, the one we released on Vimeo OnDemand at the beginning of the year. This was a tough decision and we thank everyone who supported the project and the production of this video by purchasing it to view on Vimeo, however, it just was not getting the views we needed to help us show what we can achieve and to promote the project. We hope that by giving the viewers the chance to see the production and the quality of it, they would in turn want to support future video’s of the same quality and donate towards the series as a whole by becoming a Patron.

I really do want to complete the entire series of Races to Places, travelling the globe, racing some of the biggest cross country rally races in the world and sharing it with you all in an informative and enjoyable way. Your contribution towards this is a major step to making this possible. Season 5 is just around the corner so new episodes are upon us.

Please check out the Patreon link below, see how we are doing against our targets and play your part to help us get better and for you to get more. I thank you in advance for your support, Lyndon.

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