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Feb 25

Races to Places

Races to places is a blog about me, Lyndon Poskitt embarking on the ultimate adventure.  As a motorcycle enthusiast spending years racing motorcycles in various disciplines, the pinnacle of which was completing the Dakar Rally in 2013, I decided to switch my focus from races to places.  I will ride my motorcycle around the world longitudinally and laterally unsupported.  Sticking to the unbeaten track, I aim to travel over 100,000 miles, over 50 countries and cross 6 continents.  I also hope to compete in various races around the globe as the opportunity arrises.  An adventure like no other, Races to Places is guaranteed to be a challenging, life changing experience and you can be part of it all here.

Once again, I am delighted to be part of the Adventure-Spec Team for this experience.  This time I will be focussing my efforts on developing and testing the ultimate gear for such adventures; with a view to provide even more certified Adventure-Spec product to the market for you people to enjoy.


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